Thursday, September 8, 2011

How to make pigeon cage

People have been care pigeon for thousands years. They also provide the cage for the bird. In Egypt, the pigeon owner build a pigeon tower that can accommodate hundreds pigeon inside. The tower is 10 meters in length. There are some doors at the top of tower. The bird can enter through those doors.

The outside tower is very smooth so snake and rat cannot enter to the tower. Egypt people use clay as tower ingredient. We can also use cement and sand to build a pigeon tower. Inside the tower, there are so many bulges so the pigeon can climb the tower. The owner also provides some nest for the bird. The pigeon also can nest inside the tower. They build nest from wood branch and its feather.

To raise the pigeon, you need build cage. This bird must have the cage for sleeping or lay the eggs. The pigeon can move to other place if they have no cage.

Creating a home pigeon is not difficult. I used small wood box for pigeon cage. I make a door in the front of box. Below the door I add the wood as the perch.

I put the box at the roof of my house. They can play at my roof. I also put the box inside the former chicken pen to protect it from rat, cat, and raccoon. Some people arrange some box for the pigeon. This cage is similar to flat. In my country, some poor people refuse to live at flat because it similar to pigeon house.

Some hobbyist also build pigeon hotel that has so many room. They place the pigeon to their backyard. The hotel uses a high wood to prevent the bird from rat or cat. Raise bird at backyard may disturb your neighbors. The bird often perches at anywhere. They may make your neighbor's house dirty.

Photo by: dynamosquite
Therefore, you can raise the bird at the pen. There are some steel pens or wire pen for the pigeon. The pen is durable due its material. I have used a steel pen for dozen years. The pen has beautiful roof that can protect the bird from sun and rain. Some pen also has no roof so this pen cannot place at your backyard. You are better to place it at terrace.

In my country, people prefer use wood or bamboo pen due it is cheaper. The bamboo cage is round in shape.
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