Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gallus gallus the parent of domestic fowl

The domestic chicken that we can eat today is the result of domestication jungle fowl by our ancestors. They taken care of jungle fowl and selected the good fowl. at least, there are four kind of jungle fowl. Here are:

Gallus galls or Galus bankiva is the great grand parent of all domestic fowl. Now, we can see the descent of gallus-gallus give us chicken meat and fresh eggs. The habitat of this fowl are India, Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, and Sumatra.

The male or the  roster  is red partridge in , while  the female color is brown or black. The weight of the male just one kilo, meanwhile the female is 700 grams. The female can lay the eggs up to six.

They live at the low jungle, farm crop, and settlement. They find foot at jungle ground. The diet of this bird is grain, grass, leaf, worm, and insect.
Photo by: YIM Hafiz

The bird has beautiful sing. Its sing is more beautiful than domestic cock. Some breeder crossbreed the bird with native chicken. It result a new strain with good voice. The price of the hybrid is more expensive than the red jungle fowl.

Green jungle Fowl

Green Jungle Fowl or Gallus Varius is a one kind of Jungle fowl too. They can found in Borneo, Java, Komodo Island, Bali, Flores and Rinca. They live at covered  jungle.

The color of the fowl is green with red saddle feather. The comb color is blue and red single. The female color is brown with black spot. The male wight is 1000 g in average; meanwhile, the female is 700 in average.

This cock has beautiful song too. In Indonesian, people cross breed it with native chicken. the hybrid is called Bekisar chicken. the price of Bekisar is very high. Some collector want to exchange their SUV with the chicken.

Gallus lafayetii

Grey Jungle fowl or Gallus lafayetti is a jungle fowl from ceylon or Srilanka. The performance is not different with green jungle fowl. The cock has grey partridge and the female has grey color.

This bird is an India endemic animal. The length of the cock could reach 80 cm, meanwhile the female is just 38 cm.In a season, a female can lay four to seven eggs.

Gallus sonneratii

Gallus sonneratii is a jungle fowl from Ceylon or Srilanka. The performance is almost similar with red jungle fowl. The color is red partridge and have a single comb.

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