Sunday, September 25, 2011

Guinea Fowl : Good bird pet from Africa that similiar to Turkey

Guinea fowl is an African fowl that have been domesticated people. The African people raise the bird for its meat and eggs. I saw Amazon sell the fresh meat of guinea fowl.

Its habitat is African savanna.They find food at savanna. Their diet in savanna such as grass, fruit, seed, insect, and more. It lives in a big group.

Photo by Amanderson2
It is only 700 to 1600 g weight and 40 to 71 cm tall. It is black with white spot color. The plumage is very thick.After domesticated, there are other various color like white (albino), royal purple, violet, brown, lavender, and half albino. It is because the new environment affect their genetics. The bird has beautiful feather so it is good for ornamental bird too.

The head is small relative with its body. It has a red small triangular comb. It has two red wattled below the beak. There is no feather in the fowl head so the bird looks bald. The head is white color.

Its body is slender. It is difficult to sex the bird. We are hard to recognize the subtle differences between the cock and the hen or sexing. Some people said that the cock's comb is red blood color. The cock has loud sound. It can warn others guinea fowl. Some farmer use the bird to expel any animal that eat the vegetable farm. The bird is like watch dog or goose.

The hen can produce much eggs. It can lay 60 eggs in a clutch. The egg is light brown color and same with domesticated chicken. Some hen is bad layer that lay everywhere and does not care about the eggs. Some hen lay infertile eggs so we cannot hatch the eggs.

If you want care this bird, you can care at your backyard. They can live at limited spaces. You need a pair of guinea fowl. Feed them with poultry food.

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