Monday, September 7, 2015

How to leave your chicken when you go outside

When we have to go and leave our chickens at home, we are confused. Chicken we need to eat every day and no one could give him a meal. I often cancel out because I had the chicken should I care.
A sister I tell you that he also often leave chickens for a period of three days. Before leaving, he prepared food and drinks that is enough for next three days. She uses food feeder that can accommodate a lot of feed. He provides water in large bottles.

She did not have to worry about hunger or thirst because the chicken feed and beverages are available.
We can also do the same thing. We buy a bottle feed a large chicken feeder and bottle. We have to clean the cage first.
You just can leave the chicken for three days or a week. If you want to go more than a week, you can leave your chickens to relatives or friends. You can also leave your chickens in animal care center.
We could not let the chicken alone because the bottle will get dirty in a few days. Moss will grow bottle chicken and chicken can cause pain. Chicken manure will also be many and can cause disease for chickens.

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