Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ixworth Chicken from Ixworth

The Ixworth not famous as dual purpose chicken breed such as New Hampshire, Orpington, Rhode Island Red, and so on. The chicken produce white meat on their light boned carcass though the chicken grows is not fast other chicken breed. It is a good table chicken breed.
The Ixworth was produced in1930’s by Reginald Appleyard by crossing some chicken. Appleyard want to produce good quality meat, and lays so many eggs. At the first time, Appleyard had produced great chicken but he was failed to keep the descendant performance.
Appleyard created the chicken from various great chicken breed such as Sussex, Minorca, and Orpington. All ancestor of the Ixworth is white. That is why Ixworth has white color.

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