Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Schweizer Chicken, The Swiss Chicken

Swiss also has chicken breed that is called Schweizer Chicken. Schweizer is German language for Swiss. The bird was established at German-speaking area in Swiss at 1910.
The chicken is heavy. The rooster weighs 2.8 - 3.5 kilogram and the hen weighs 2.4-2.8 kilogram. The hen play 170-200 eggs a year. The egg is big enough, weighing 55 gram.
It is white snow in color. The shank is white pinkish. The plumage is thick. The sickle feather is perfecly curved.
It is a descendant of Wyandotte and Orpington Chicken. The Swiss rarely we found today. People may prefer other chicken breed than the Swiss.
The comb is big pea. Below the beak, it has double red blood wattles. The beak is horn in color.
The performance is almost similar to Orpington. It has round body.
Due its weighs and its egg production, this chicken is dual purpose chicken.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Royal Palm Turkey - The Newest Turkey breed

Royal Palm is the newest turkey breed that appears in 1920 in Lake Worth, Florida. The Turkey has wonderful black laced color. It is also called the Crollwitzer, Pied, or Black laced White. The white color domination the turkey plumage and there is a black bands.
The turkey is descendant from different turkey breeds such as Black, Bronze, Narraganset, and native turkey.
The Turkey is also heavy. The tom weighs 16-18 lbs and the hen weighs 10-12 lbs. Though it produce so much meat, but people raise it for ornamental at the small farm. The tom also tame and non-aggressive. That is why the turkey is fits for pets. The hen is also a good mother.
Photo by: mamamusings

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Bronze Turkey : Famous turkey that has grown two times

All of Turkey breed have been domesticated from wild turkey in America. Some Europe trader brought turkey to Europe. One of famous domesticated turkey is Bronze Turkey that has two types’ i.e. standard and Giant.

As guest its name, the Bronze has bronze plumage. The edge of tail feather color is white strips. The breast color is shinny black bronze. In my opinion, it is a most beautiful turkey.
The feather is not different to the wild turkey. However the domestication makes the bird fatter than the wild turkey. People loves broad breast so they just raise broad breast. The breeder also improves the meat quality and the growth. They want to produce the fast grow turkey.
The breeder cross the wild turkey to domesticated European turkey. They do it in order to get the heavier turkey than the wild turkey and the tamer turkey than the wild. The Bronze cannot mate naturally but the breeder should use artificial insemination. The breeder take the sperm and inject to the hen’s cloaca.
Photo by : luagh 45
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

White Holland Turkey : The White Turkey From Netherlands

It is a rare turkey breed which has snowy white plumage. I have seen a white Holland turkey hit George Bush Junior in a photo. The White Holland looks funny.
The white plumage is uncommon plumage color. The mutation occurs at the turkey plumage as the chicken also occurs too.
As guess its name, the turkey was domesticated at Holland or Netherlands. The United States imported the turkey at 18th century. The White has been accepted for the Turkey breed at 1874. Today, the white turkey is everywhere.

The helmet color of the turkey is blue and red. It has red blood wattle and there is beard below the wattles. It has horn colored beak. Shanks and toes are pinkish white. Like common chicken, it has four toes.  The bird has dark brown color eye but small white Holland has beautiful blue color eye. The blue is recessive gene so we difficulty see blue eye white Holland.
It is a heavy turkey, weighing up to 36 pounds and the female weighs 20 pounds. The size is lighter than the Bronze but people like it. Perhaps people do not like cook bigger turkey. The farmer loves to raise the white turkey. Some commercial farm raises the white at their flocks because the demand to the white is so high.
The turkey is also good for backyard. They can eat some grass, weed, or insect at there.
Photo by: jessicacareeder

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