Monday, May 12, 2014

American Giant Runt : The greatest Squab

You must be confused when you see this giant bird because it weighs
three times of common pigeon. The Giant Runt may be the greatest
pigeon in the world. This American breed pigeon weighs up to 1.4
kilogram or almost three times bantam chicken weight.
I thin the pigeon provide s much squab. That is why the bird is raise
for its meat. Actually the bird comes from Spain and France. The word
of Runt means common but this bird is not "common".
The bird is not different to its ancestor or the rock dove except its
size. The head is large, massive broad, denoting strength and
boldness. The beak is wide and fairly thick. The wattles are not big
like other fancies pigeon. The most pigeon eyes is pearl except the
white whose has bull color eye.
The bird has medium size in length. The wing span is also medium. That
is why, the fancier do not love the bird for homing. The body of the
runt is also broad. The bird provides the deep and brad breast meat.
The shank and toes are red in color. The Giant Runt color is blue,
silver, Dunn, yellow, white, grizzle, blue grizzle, black, white, blue
bar and other.

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