Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The battery hen suffered

Perhaps one of the most suffered chickens is battery hen. They live at
small flock and they cannot walk moreover run. They just sit and stand
at the battery. The activity of the hen is limited. They cannot see
the tree, grass, or other animal they just can see other battery hen
that adjacent of them.
The farm places the hen to battery in order to raise the production of
eggs. They want the hen lays 300 eggs in a year so the farmer can take
the benefit from it. The farmer or the animal husbandry thinks that
the hen is similar to a machine. They insert some grain and got the
The farmers raise the chicken up to years. After two years, the farmer
removes the hen from the battery which most of them end at the
slaughter. Raise old hen is not profitable because the egg production
decline after two year.
The eggs are not too good to because it contain more fat. It is not
good for fat people or sick man.
I think the farmer must change the battery system. The farmer should
notice the animal welfare. It is better to keep them at the meat the
backyard so they can move free. They can also eat some fresh grass and
weed or they can chase the bad insect such as grasshopper and other.
They can talk to the other chicken. The eggs must be better than the
battery hen's eggs.
I believe when you act animal good, the animal will give you benefit.
When you act bad them, the animal will act bad too.

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