Saturday, April 20, 2013

How to raise turkey

A turkey can stay in your backyard too and you can breed this large bird to produce Turkey's meat. It is not difficult to breed the bird if you know about it.
Before, you decide to raise the bird, you should examine your environment. Are your house is close to your neighbor. Some people cant stand with its scream. The tom often make loud sound that may disturb your neighbor. Some municipality also forbids the citizen to raise any bird.

If you sure, you want to breed turkey turkey you can do like the steps;

1. Provide a comfort house for the turkey. The house can protect them from rainy and sunny.
2. Buy the tom and the hen. Turkey cannot breed without is spouse. The asexual reproduction turkey is a bullshit. A Hen need The Tom for breeding. The sexing of turkey is not difficult because each Tom and Hen is different.
3. Feed the bird with nutritious food. It can help the bird to mature.
4. Let the turkey mate. The hen will lays some eggs when it reach eight month. Some turkey breed can match naturally but some others cannot. They need artificial insemination. That is why you should choose the turkey that can breed aurally.
5. Let the hen hatch the eggs or you can collect the eggs and hatch i by incubator. The eggs will hatch in 21-28 eggs. Lets the hen raise the pout or you can also raise the poult.

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