Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sebright Bantam : The England Bantam whose has unique feather

Photo by: me'nthedogs
Sebright Bantam is a bantam from Britain. The breeder of the bantam is Sir John Sebright. There are two kind sebright: gold sebright bantam and silver right bantam. It is gold laced and silver laced feather.

It is full breast, V-shaped tail feather, and near vertical wing. Unlike most bantam, Sebright cock has no train tail and saddle feather. Both cock and hen has same plumage. The difference between male and female is the comb. The female  has small pea comb but the male has large pea comb like a crown.

I have cared this bird. It can fly up to 10 meters but it does not run from my pen. The hen lay much eggs but it does not want incubate or hatch the eggs. Therefore, you need other hen to incubate the eggs.

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