Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to care baby chicken

 Some hen cannot raise the chick. I do not why. Perhaps the hen is bad mother. If the hen ignore the chick you should raise the chick.

Some breeder prefer to care the chick so the hen can lay again. They want increase the production of eggs and more chicks.

1. Provide a brooder for some chicken. The brooder, which measure about three feet by three feet ( 1 m by 1m), are occupied by 10 chicks. Put the old newspaper below the cage that is important to keep the cage clean. Replace the paper once daily.  Alternatively. you can use wood choop as litter.

If you have not brooder you can use cardboard box.

2. The baby chick need heat because its silkie feather cannot cover the body. Use light for warm the chicken. There are some light that keep the chick warm beside this article. They need 24 hours light for one week. You can reduce the hours after one week.

3. Feed the chicken with statrter fowl feed. You can buy it at polutry shop or pet shop.Put the water silo inside the brooder. Clean the chick feeder and water silo.

4. Vaccine the chick such as avian flu vaccine and ND vaccine. If you live in American, you do not need avian flu vaccine.

5. Control the brooder frequently. Help the chick if you find a trouble.


The location of brooder is safe from predator and bad weather.

Do not let the feed wed because it can cause disease

You can change the light if the chicken does not comfort.  The sign of chicken does not comfort with the lamp is that they avoid the lamp or the chicken gain near the lamp.

After the four week or the chicken become bigger, Remove the chicken to pen or coop

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