Friday, May 31, 2013

African owl pigeon

African owl pigeon is a fancy pigeon where the origin is Asia and Asia Minor. In 18th century Europe people bring the bird to the Europe. The African owl pigeon is also called Tunis or Booz.
Photo by Australian Pigeon Association

It small pigeon that is hardy and non aggressive breed. That is why the pigeon is good for fancy pigeon. The African pigeon color variations are black, white, brown, yellow, white and others.
The head is unique due it is similar to a small marble.  The beak is also short that make this bird weird. The head held back and the chest is wide. There is some frill feather on its chest.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Strasser pigeon: The utility pigeon that is also fancy pigeon

I can say that the strasser is a beautiful pigeon because it is very beautiful. All the body covers by white plumage except head, wing, and tail. In those parts, the dark plumage such as lark, black blue, blue bar, white and others. The color pattern is almost similar to Modena pigeon.

As a rock pigeon descendant, Strasser that is developed at Austria is not different to its ancestor. The head is small and the black beak is also short with small nose upper the beak. The body is fat like other utility pigeon. The breast is wide and the tail lift up. You can raise the pigeon either as utility pigeon or as
Photo by jim.gifford

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Satinette Pigeon

This is a beauty fancy pigeon breed. The bird looks beautiful unlike common pigeon. It is also a selective breed of rock pigeon (Columba livia). The color of the bird is so beauty. It has white body and tricolor in shoulder. The tail color is also dark with white spot on each feather. The head color is white and small relative to its body.
The bill of the satinette is small; therefore, it is difficult to feed the young satinette. However, the bird is hardy like other pigeon. They are easy to keep.
 source :

Photo by : omarrun 

Friday, May 10, 2013

German Beauty Homer

German Beauty Homer is one of the fancy pigeon.  The bird looks like English Carrier or other pigeon runner. The German also has longer and slender body. It has longer neck and longer feet too. The German is a selective breeding of rock pigeon.

The bill of pigeon is unique. The bill is bigger than common pigeon. I think the bird bill likes flamingo bill that curve. Surely, the bird eats the seed like other pigeon. The feet color is red without feather. The hoer color is brown bar, blue bar, white and others.
Photo by jimgifford
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Thursday, May 9, 2013

The cropper pigeon

Cropper pigeon is a famous fancy pigeon that is got by selective breeding. It is a rock pigeon descendant too like other pigeon.
The bird is unique and different to other fancy pigeon or running pigeon. The bird has weird looks due its body shape. The body is slimmer than running or utility pigeon. He bird has long shank and thigh. Its red feet have no feather. 

There are some cropper variations color such as white, blue bar, brown bar, brown, black, black white and others. The neck is longer than other pigeon.
The crop can inflate. Sometimes the male can inflate its crop to seduce the female. Sometimes the crop hide its bill.
To raise this fancy pigeon, you have to prepare a pigeon cage. You can also raise the birds at your backyard or garden. 
photosource jim gifford

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Red Turkey in my country

I though the Turkey’s color are black, white and silver only. My neighbors just had here turkeys. I was wrong. Finally I know that turkey has red color. The red turkey is a rarely breed in my country. That is why; the price of the red turkey is more expensive than other turkey.
The red is no different to other turkey. The size is also similar than other turkey except its plumage. The red has red brown color plumage. The color appears because of the mutation. Sometimes we can produce the red turkey from the black or silver turkey. I do not know the breed of the turkey in my country because our country has not standardized the red turkey breed.
 The color of red turkey is almost similar to red bourbon. The red plumage covers almost of the skin. He difference the red turkey in my country is the size. I think the red turkey in my country is not big as the bourbon.

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