Thursday, December 22, 2011

Famous utility pigeon breed

Pigeon is a famous bird in the world. Some people raise the bird as a game bird. It can fly high and fast. Beside those purpose, they can provide delicious meat for people. In my opinion, the meat is more delicious than the chicken. That is why the meat is more expensive than chicken meat.

A pigeon hen can lay two eggs in a clutch. Both hen and cock hatch the eggs in 14 days. The parents raise the chick until it can fly. You can separate the chick from the parent at one month or thirty days age.

Some region has developed a utility pigeon breed. Most of them are rock dove (Columba Livia) descendant. The breeder has selected the heaviest and full deep breast pigeon for utility pigeon bird. The utility bird has no ability to fly high or fly fast like runner pigeon.

1. King

It is the best utility pigeon breed now. American breeder developed this bird from four pigeon breed such as Duchess, Homer, Runt and Maltese. A month chick weighs up to one kilogram. People slaughter it at thirty days age. The bird is very big and beyond the bantam size. The famous of King Pigeon color is white. The other color variation is brown and blue. People prefer White King because the flesh is pinkish. It has full breast and U shape body.

2. Carneau

This is a utility pigeon bird from Northern France and Southern Belgium. This bird has potential as the squab producer. This breed is smaller than King pigeon. It has big head compared to its body. The feather tail is short and narrow.

3. American Giant Runt.

It was developed in United States. The breeder has crossed some pigeon breed to get heavy utility pigeon bird. They have color variation such as white, black, dun, yellow blue, silver, brown, and more. It has full breast.

4. French Mondain

This looks fat pigeon was originated in Mondain, France. The plumage is very thick. There are two breeds of French Mondain: The American and The French. The body of the bird is round like a chicken hen. The tail is short and narrow. The head is small compared to its body. French Mondain pigeons have color variation like blue, brown, buff, white and more.

Some breeder still crossbreeds various pigeon to get heavy and delicious flesh. Someday, they will find other utility pigeon breed.

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