Thursday, May 9, 2013

The cropper pigeon

Cropper pigeon is a famous fancy pigeon that is got by selective breeding. It is a rock pigeon descendant too like other pigeon.
The bird is unique and different to other fancy pigeon or running pigeon. The bird has weird looks due its body shape. The body is slimmer than running or utility pigeon. He bird has long shank and thigh. Its red feet have no feather. 

There are some cropper variations color such as white, blue bar, brown bar, brown, black, black white and others. The neck is longer than other pigeon.
The crop can inflate. Sometimes the male can inflate its crop to seduce the female. Sometimes the crop hide its bill.
To raise this fancy pigeon, you have to prepare a pigeon cage. You can also raise the birds at your backyard or garden. 
photosource jim gifford

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