Monday, April 29, 2013

Sumatra, the unique chicken from Sumatra

Sumatra chicken
The chicken is very unique because the multiple spurs at its feet. Sometimes each foot has three spurs. Off course, only male whose has spurs. This unique chicken origin is Sumatra, Indonesia. United States imported the chicken in 1847. In 1883, this chicken was inducted in American Standard Perfection. 
Actually, the Sumatra was a pit cock or fighting cock. This chicken is very aggressive but it will not fight until die.  It will run when it feel cannot win the fight. Because of he cockfighting chicken forbidden, the chicken raises for exhibition only.
People loves the chicken due it's attractive plumage. The black beetle green color is throughout the body and tail feather. The chicken has no feather at its feet. The Sumatra is also available in blue and white.
The male weighs 4 pounds while the female weighs 3 ½ and 4pounds. The female lays 100 eggs in a year. The Sumatra lays small and white shell eggs.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

How to raise turkey

A turkey can stay in your backyard too and you can breed this large bird to produce Turkey's meat. It is not difficult to breed the bird if you know about it.
Before, you decide to raise the bird, you should examine your environment. Are your house is close to your neighbor. Some people cant stand with its scream. The tom often make loud sound that may disturb your neighbor. Some municipality also forbids the citizen to raise any bird.

If you sure, you want to breed turkey turkey you can do like the steps;

1. Provide a comfort house for the turkey. The house can protect them from rainy and sunny.
2. Buy the tom and the hen. Turkey cannot breed without is spouse. The asexual reproduction turkey is a bullshit. A Hen need The Tom for breeding. The sexing of turkey is not difficult because each Tom and Hen is different.
3. Feed the bird with nutritious food. It can help the bird to mature.
4. Let the turkey mate. The hen will lays some eggs when it reach eight month. Some turkey breed can match naturally but some others cannot. They need artificial insemination. That is why you should choose the turkey that can breed aurally.
5. Let the hen hatch the eggs or you can collect the eggs and hatch i by incubator. The eggs will hatch in 21-28 eggs. Lets the hen raise the pout or you can also raise the poult.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The symptoms of avian flu

I have ever worried to raise chicken in my house since the avian flu attacked my country. Hundreds farmers lose because the chicken died.
To anticipate the pandemic, the city government forbidden the citizen to raise the chicken or bird in city. The city did no want to take risk by letting the citizen raise the chicken. The citizen government also command the pest control to exhaust he suspected bird. They inspect the citizen that raises the chicken.
In Indonesia, the avian flu has killed dozen people.  The avian is very dangerous diseases that could kill human. The sick chicken may infect other people.
We have to be careful for the diseases.  Recognize the symptoms of the avian flu. Exhaust he bird when you see the chicken have some symptoms. Each species of bird are different.
The avian flu attacks a flock and kills some of chicken. The other chicken show weakness and they might be died the next day.
In broilers the symptoms are: severe depression, lack of appetite, and increasing the mortality in flock. In Turkey the sign is swollen sinuses. He duck looks severe depression and lack of appetite. The layer duck also lay soft shelled eggs. In young bird shows neurological signs.