Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Red Shaver, Canada chicken breed that lay super jumbo eggs

Unlike it neighbor, Canada does not have much chicken breed.  Canada has two chicken breed i.e. Chantencler and Red Shaver. Red shaver is a linked sex chicken from Canada. Because of this, we can sexing the chicken easily from its feather. The female is reddish brown in color with white under feather; while, the male color is white with a few red marking. 
The chicken comb is single. The male has larger comb than the female. At 18 weeks or 4 month, the chicken is 3 ½ ponds. After a year, the chicken is 4 ½ to 5 pounds in weight. The carcass of the chicken is three to five pounds in weight.
The Red shaver can produce delicious meat and so much egg, which means the chicken, is dual purpose breed like Rhode Island Red. The female or hen lay from 305 to 315 big brown eggs in a year. The Red performance is a good as white leghorn chicken.  A report from Ottawa said that A four year Red Shaver lay super egg weighing  143 gram, which  is nearly three time of medium standard size or over two time of jumbo standard size (The medium standard is 49 gram and The jumbos standard is 70 gram). The big egg is enough for a big omelet.
A Red Shaver is a quiet breed. You can raise it at your backyard because it is used most frequently on in small flocks for small farms.  The chicken is also has have reputation as a hardy chicken.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Blue Silkie Chicken - Rarely color Silkie Chicken

Silkie Chicken is a famous chicken breed with its soft-fur like feathers. The blue silkie is the rare color among silkie chicken. We are difficult to find the unique blue color. The original silkie chicken color is white. The mutation in silkie cause the chicken color increases. Now he silkie are available in red, buff, black, gray, and silver.
Some breeders cross the black and white silkie Bantam to produce Blue Silkie. Beside the blue, the crossing result white, black, and grey.
The blue has five toes; whereas, most chicken have only four toes. Some have feather in legs and some others not. Like other bantam, the blue has short legs. The legs are black in color. The head is glossy back. It has unique blue red comb that is also called top knot. Only the male has top knot. The female comb is smaller than the male.
The skin under the feather is dark blue. People often said the skin of the chicken is black. The meat of the chicken is also black. The bone is also dark blue, appearing black. Due its black bone, it is also called black bone chicken.
The blue is also a docile pet like the white. It is good as pet. The chicken will not mad if you hand them. It is an easy handed chicken. The female is a good brooder, meaning the female keep the eggs. The female often keep other eggs in heir nest so you can place other eggs in the blue’s nest.

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