Thursday, October 20, 2011

Silky Bantam: The Chinese Bantam Layer

This bantam come from China. It has soft silky feather like hair. Unlike other bantam, its tails is not grow perfect. It is blood red rose comb.The height of silky could reach 20 cm. Its iris is dark brown color. The famous silky bantam color is white but there are black silky bantam and buff silky bantam.

Photo by : eggybird
In China, This bird is raised as layer hen. It can produce up to 250 eggs a year. This is the most productive bantam. Silky can hatch the egg well. It is a good mother too.

In my country, some people silky bantam meat can cure some diseases. I think it is just a myth.
Dutch Bantam is the most famous Bantam in the world. The height is only 20 cm. The cock has wide curve tail. The comb is red blood single. It is not more than half kilos weight. The hen is lighter than the cock. Dutch bantam color is various like red partridge, green partridge, gray, black, and others.

Dutch Bantam is originated at Dutch or Holland. Some story said that the Dutch trader imported the bantam from South East Asia. I believe the Dutch trade brought from Java because Java was under Dutch occupation. It is descendant of Gallus Bankiva or red jungle fowl.

It is prolific layer too. A Dutch bantam hen can lay up to 200 eggs per year. The eggs is light brown color which is size is smaller than common chicken.

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