Friday, February 10, 2012

Bronze Turkey : Famous turkey that has grown two times

All of Turkey breed have been domesticated from wild turkey in America. Some Europe trader brought turkey to Europe. One of famous domesticated turkey is Bronze Turkey that has two types’ i.e. standard and Giant.

As guest its name, the Bronze has bronze plumage. The edge of tail feather color is white strips. The breast color is shinny black bronze. In my opinion, it is a most beautiful turkey.
The feather is not different to the wild turkey. However the domestication makes the bird fatter than the wild turkey. People loves broad breast so they just raise broad breast. The breeder also improves the meat quality and the growth. They want to produce the fast grow turkey.
The breeder cross the wild turkey to domesticated European turkey. They do it in order to get the heavier turkey than the wild turkey and the tamer turkey than the wild. The Bronze cannot mate naturally but the breeder should use artificial insemination. The breeder take the sperm and inject to the hen’s cloaca.
Photo by : luagh 45
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