Friday, November 4, 2011

Norfolk Grey : The Rare Chicken Breed from English

Norfolk Grey is a chicken breed from United Kingdom. The breed was created at the time of the world war by Fred Myhill. The bird was called Black Maria due its black feather color.
The chicken is heavy enough. A rooster weighs 6-7 pounds while the female weighs 5-6 pounds. The Chicken is beautiful with the silver plumage. Either Roosters or hen has silver feather in neck. Surely the Rooster has shimmering color. The Silver feather of rooster is also in its shoulder, back, and saddle. The color of the rooster is silver duckwing. The small chicken has not yet had the silver color or birchen. It just has black soft feather.
No one sure the ancestor about this breed but Wikipedia say that the chicken is the descendant of birchen English Game and Partridge Wyandotte.
The Grey is good to produce meat and carcass due it is also the descendant of game fowl. Surely, this leghorn descendant also lays so many eggs. Unfortunately, I have no reference the egg production of the hens. This chicken population is rare. Only few farmers raise the chicken
This chicken breed is also good for backyard. It is a good forager that can eat the weed and grass in backyard. There is also bantam version of the chicken with one color variation only.
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