Monday, August 22, 2011

How to feed Geese

When you raise a goose, you should think about feed too. Feeding goose is not difficult because it bird is easy eater. They can eat any poultry food. However the bird prefers green leaf than poultry food or grain. Some people raise it to control the grass growth. Therefore, they do not use cutting grass machine again.

Photo by : areasaburn
I had experience in feeding goose.I gave them with poultry food only. I mix it with rice and water. In my country, there is no special food for waterfowl because there is no waterfowl farm. Unfortunately, They do not like it. They prefer sugar cane leaf in my backyard although the leaf is so rough.

If you care or raise goose at grass backyard, You can save some bucks. You just add its diet with waterfowl pellet or grain.

A Goose needs at least 15% protein food, Meanwhile a Goosling needs at least 20% protein. You can give waterfowl starter feed. A layer needs at least 200 g food a day. Some breed provide ad libitum feed for goose.

This is list of the editable green leaf for goose such as : alfalfa, barley, corn leaf, paw-paw leaf, banana leaf, king grass, grass, spinach

The list of editable grain for goose such as :

Corn, barley, oat, sorghum, paddy, blue grass, timothy grass, other type pasture grass.

You can mix the food so the goose can get various nutritious.

Beside food, you need to put water basin for them. Do not forget to give grit and grain scratch feed.

You can also shepherd goose at pasture.Surround the backyard with fence that tall is three or four feet. It is useful to bar the goose to go outside. It helps the goose to keep them from predator to like raccoon, wolf, coyote and others.

A goose need at least four square meters for a goose. If you have a pair you should provide eight square meter. Also provide the shelter for goose. It protects them from rain and sunny day.

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  1. mine love mixed corn... but just a little several times a day

  2. mine love sugar cane grass. the goose has different appetite