Monday, April 24, 2017

Giant Cochin. Is it ornamental chicken ?

Recently,people raise the Giant as a pet in my country. They raise its as the ornamental chicken. The chicken price is so expensive, ten times from the common chicken. The price is so expensive but people want to buy it.

To me , the giant is not pet because it is has large body that we are difficult to hand it. The Giant are use to produce meat because the chicken is so big and tall. Standard Weight is 4kg and 3.2 kg for hen. So, you must provide huge chicken coops for the chicken.

To me the giant color is not attractive because it similar to the common chicken such as black, blue, and  Columbia.
The comb is small pea and it also not attractive. With the thick feather, the chicken is not suitable with my country where the humidity level is so high.

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