Sunday, November 15, 2015

Saxon Field Pigeon

Saxon is one of show pigeon though it is not famous as fancy pigeon. The Saxon has beautiful plumage which is thick that is good for the cold climate. There are feathered on the legs that is called muff. That makes the bird different from others pigeon.
There is some variation of the Saxon field pigeon such as Saxon breast pigeon, Saxon monk, Saxon white tail, Saxon priest, Saxon spot and Saxon reverse wing.

The performance of the bird is similar to its ancestor rock doves except its muff. There is some variation color such as: Black with bars. This bird has black color and two strip bars at the each wing. The neck color is black greenish.
There is yellow with white bars. This bird has yellow color and two strip bars at the each wing. There are blue with black bars, ash blue that similar to blue with black bar, Meil and Ash Red.

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