Saturday, February 7, 2015

Plumed Guinea Fowl

THe bird come from Central and eastern Africa. The habitat of the bird is primary forest. The bird is a family of the guinea fowl. The plumed is almost resemble to its brother helmeted guinea fowl. The special of plumed characters that make it different to its brother is the straighter and higher crested. The height is only 45-51 cm, weighing almost 1000 g or one kilogram The bird diet is plant and insect.Like other bird they love almost plant such as leaves, root, fruit, seed and shoots. They also love insects that they can find at forest. There are two plumed subspecies: Cameron plumed Guinea fowl and Schultz plumed guinea fowl. The western subspecies has dull-grey blue face and neck; while, the eastern has orange patches among the grey blue face and neck. read also: guinea fowl How to Sex Guinea Fowl

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