Sunday, February 15, 2015

How to breed pigeon

Pigeon is a prolific bird that can grow fast. The bird can lay six times in a year, meaning, the bird can produce 12 chicks in a year. The bird can provide fresh meat every two month. 

Before preparing to breed the bird, you have to find a pair of pigeon. It is not difficult to find a mate of pigeon.  Then, you must provide them a pen where their live. Notice that the pair of pigeon must be mature. Find six month old pigeon. The breed depends on your want or need. You can choose utility pigeon or you can choose   homing pigeon. You have better to choose the similar breed of pigeon. For example, you are better to mate the fancy with the fancy.

Beside pen, you have to provide bowl. The bird will find the nest from hay, grass, tobacco stamp, pine needles, and so many). Before lay eggs, the pair of pigeon will find the material nest. Then, they together build the nest.

The hen lays the eggs. And together will keep the eggs. Sometimes the male hatch the eggs and the hen can hatch too. After two weeks or 14 days, the eggs will hatch. Either the male or female feed the chick with the pigeon milk that comes from its crop. The parents eat the seed and the grain and then feed it to the chicks. Both parents will raise the chicks for month only. They can lays the eggs again.  

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