Monday, December 5, 2011

The types of Chicken Crow

What do you like from the chicken? Perhaps you like the color of feather that shining and beautiful. Some people also love the brave of the chicken. Everybody has different reason for loving the chicken.
In my opinion, I love the crow of chicken beside its meat and eggs. I love the sound of crow that wakes me at early morning. A lazy people may hate the crow and they will throw the shoes to the chicken.
Most rosters crow at early morning. Sometimes they crows at the afternoon too. Each chicken breed has different crow. Some chicken has long crow but some others has short crow. In my country, there is a chicken that crow like a people laughs. You must be surprised with the chicken. Here are the types of chicken crow:

1. The long crower
The chicken can crow longer than common chicken. In my country, Pelung Chicken can crow longer and louder. There is also long Crower from Czech

2. The Common Crower
It crows like common chicken for example, Rhode Island Red, Red Jungle Red, Bangkok Chicken, Malaysia Chicken, Vietnam chicken, Indonesia Chicken, Java, and so much. The sound is not special like the long crower.

3. Short Crower
Most Bantam crow short. In my opinion, the Bantam crows like necked chicken. Perhaps, its short body influence the duration of crowing.

4. Laughing Crower
Perhaps Only Indonesia that has laughing crower. The crow is horrible if you hear at the night. You may think the crowing is a ghost. There three types of the laughing crow, such as, popular crow, dangdut (Indonesia traditional genre song) crow, and slow dangdut.

The Roosters will began to crow at six month. It also sign that the cockerel grows up to mature. Sometimes a hen also can crow but the sound is weak.

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