Monday, April 18, 2011

King Pigeon: The King of Squab

To produce squab or pigeon meat, you need to raise pigeon king. Pigeon King has wide breast and the weight is more than 500 grams or half kilogram. This pigeon is almost similar to bantam chicken in size.
The body is round but the tail narrow. I think this bird could not fly far. The nose is small and the bill is short at curved at the edge that is similar to the ancestor rock dove. The feet are red and have no feather.
Pigeon King has color variation, such as, white, black, and brown. The best pigeon king is white king pigeon whose has the reddish meat. The meat color of white king pigeon is the best than other king pigeon.
White pigeon are raise in narrow cage. The breeder does not give wide space so they cannot move free.
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  1. any idea who would sell king pigeon to hobbyist reasonably priced?

  2. In my country, we can buy it for $100 each pair