Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Japanese Black Tailed White Bantam : A Beautiful white bantam FromJapan

Japanesse Black Tail bantam is a variation of Japanese bantam Chicken. This chicken originated from Japan and it recorded in paintings in the 15th century. The chicken has been existed at there since 15th century.
There is an opinion that this chicken came from China.  Another opinion about the origin of this chicken is Indonesia precisely Java. Chaebo's Name Or actually this is an uptake language from Java chebol. This chicken has a short leg size because it is called dwarf.Some bantam or around a quarter has longer leg than the Chaebo.
In my opinion, this chicken is good pet. They are docile.  This chicken is suitable for a cockerel in a garden with grass. The presence of the bantam in your garden will be good. The chicken may hunt the grasshopper or the cricket that eat your grass. The chicken manure also be good for the grass or weed.
Chickens are very easy to maintain and these chickens have benign characteristics and are easy to hold. It’s body is small with a maximum weight of 600 grams, while the females 550 grams.
The plumage of the bantam color exepect its tails is clean white and shiny. Of course, it depends on who's keeping it. A diligent keeper will clean the plumage when it is dirty. They can bath the chicken to clean the mud.
I do not recommed the chicken for the lazy keeper  who do not care about the chicken plumage. They can rasie other japanese chicken bantam such as buff japanese bantam.   It is similiar to the white inless its plumage’s color.
These chickens lay a lot of eggs. It can lay up to 12 eggs. The female or the hen can incubate their children and even nurture them until chicks can feed themselves.The hen is also the best mother for the chick.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Giant Cochin. Is it ornamental chicken ?

Recently,people raise the Giant as a pet in my country. They raise its as the ornamental chicken. The chicken price is so expensive, ten times from the common chicken. The price is so expensive but people want to buy it.

To me , the giant is not pet because it is has large body that we are difficult to hand it. The Giant are use to produce meat because the chicken is so big and tall. Standard Weight is 4kg and 3.2 kg for hen. So, you must provide huge chicken coops for the chicken.

To me the giant color is not attractive because it similar to the common chicken such as black, blue, and  Columbia.
The comb is small pea and it also not attractive. With the thick feather, the chicken is not suitable with my country where the humidity level is so high.

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