Saturday, August 22, 2015

Modern game fowl the unusual game fowl from Britain

When you see this chicken you must be surprised because it looks like a bird rather than a chicken. The chicken has longer feet like heron which has long feet. The body is also slim. I wonder the bird can fly for far but the weight is heavy enough. The rosters can reach 3,2 - 4,1 kilogram in weight; while the hen weigh 2,25 – 3,2 kilogram.
The chicken is completely for show only though the bird has heavy body. The egg is so poor so people do not raise the fowl as egg layer.  According to the competition, the good modern should have iron-flat body shape, a relatively short back, fine tail, hard feathering, and a very upright carriage.
The color of modern is red black, birchen, brown red, duckwing and pyle. There are two variation of the modern: one the red eye with darl feet and others is the dark eye with dark feet. Like the game fowl, the bird has red to mulberry comb, wattles, skin.
The bird is also an ancestor of Serama Chicken beside silkie and Japanese Bantam. The Serama get the broad chest from the Modern. 

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