Monday, January 2, 2012

White egg laying chicken breed

There are various chicken egg shield color, such as, brown, white, blue and green. Most chicken lays brown eggs. If you want white eggs, you need to raise the certain chicken breed. Here are the chickens that lay white eggs:

White leghorn. The bird comes from Tuscany, Italy. It is a small variety of chicken. The roosters weigh 6 pounds and the hens weigh 4.5 pound. The hen can lay up to 300 eggs yearly. This breed is suitable for commercial farm. The chicken is white solid in color. It has mid size single comb with two witted and white earlobes. The feet are yellow in color.

Brown Leghorn. This is the sister of White Leghorn. Unlike the sister, it cannot produce eggs as many as the sister. The roster is red partridge in color; while, the hen is dark brown in color. The neck and saddle color is red orange. It has single comb with six points, double witted and white earlobes.

This is a light type chicken. The roosters weigh 6 lbs; while, the hens weigh 4.5 lbs.

Californian White

This is a big white layer. The California is the descendent of White Leghorn and California Grey rosters. The Roosters weigh 7 lbs and then hens weigh 5.5 lbs. The performance is almost similar to leghorn. It has comb single with six points, double witted and white earlobes.

Buff Catalans

The bird origin is Catalan, near Barcelona, Spain. It is also called as Catalana, or Catalana del Prat Leonada, or just Prat. This breed is dual purpose chicken. The bird is black tail buff in color. This is a Mediterranean chicken breed that lays white eggs. It has clean shanks and comb middle single with six points.

Like other layer hen, the hens are unlikely to go broody. Therefore, you cannot use this chicken to hatch eggs.

Sumatra Black

Sumatra Black is a chicken breed from Sumatra, Indonesia. Although the chicken is black in color, the chicken lays white eggs. Unfortunately, the hen lays few eggs. This chicken is not suitable for commercial. It is black-greenish in color. The rooster has long feather tail.

Cemani Chicken

This bird origin is Java, Indonesia. Indonesian people call it "Ayam Cemani". It lays white eggs too. The hen can lay up to 250 eggs in a year. Unfortunately, this bird is very rare. Only few people care this bird. It is because the chicken has dark meat.

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