Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tips on how to keep our chicken in rainy season

In tropical country, the rainy season is a problem for chicken lover. The rain season occurs six month in a year. The cloud often cover the sun shine; whereas, we need the shine to kill the disease in the pen or chicken feather. Some virus include avian influenza cannot stand with sun shine.
Most chicken got sick in rainy season. The diseases attack the chicken in a cage easily. The reason why the chicken got sick is the cold weather. The cage is also wet so the disease can grows at it.
To prevent the chicken from sick my aunt has tips. She used to not using medicine or vaccine. She prefers to use the traditional ways to prevent the chicken from sickness. She is a veterinary who works for government office. She raised over 350 chickens near her home.
She has a principal to keep the chicken satisfied. He provide the chicken food ad libitum.He provide the newly harvest corn grain. She provides the best food for her chicken. She also feed the chicken with paddy. I believe the fresh chicken food contain more vitamin than the old chicken food. The vitamin will decrease if you save the food on the storage the vitamin may decrease.
She also adds Vitamin B complex to the chicken drink. It may increase the chicken immunity.
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