Monday, April 11, 2011

How care pigeon baby when they are ignored by the parent?

The baby pigeon usually get care from the mother and parent but some mother may ignore a baby or all baby. It could happen because the mother is not a good mother.

If you have found the baby whose has no mother, you can raise the baby pigeon if you have much time. You have to care the baby very carefully unless they will die soon. In this article, I will explain the steps to care pigeon baby.

1. Provide the warm cage or incubator. Without their mom, they need warm room. His short hair will not

2. Feed them with nutritious bird food. Use mash bird food because the bird has not yet been able to eat hard grain. You can add pure milk to it.

3. You can remove to the bird cage when the kid has thick feather.

Photo by : benleto
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  1. You can NOT feed a pigeon cows milk, or the milk from any other animal. They cannot digest lactose.

  2. some people use yellow sac chicken eggs. Perhaps you can tell me other baby pigeon food Alex