Thursday, November 18, 2010

How to select hatch egg

If you want to care chicken, you can hatch the egg chicken. Put some eggs in incubator for 21 days or three weeks and you will get some chick. Hatching eggs is cheaper than buying chick or chicken but you should work hard to hatch it.
Hatching egg is not easy especially for common people. They often face with fail. The egg will not hatching after 21 years weather the incubator work well. One factor of
The fail of hatching is the egg. The hatchery cannot select the good hatching eggs.

Therefore, a hatchery supposedly selects the good eggs for hatching. You can follow these steps:

1. The egg should be clean from manure

2. The egg should be oval round in shape. Do not select round egg or very oval egg. It is not good

3. The egg is not old than seven days or a week.

4. Be sure the egg come from a credible farmer.

5. The weight should be normal. The chicken eight weights depend on the breed or strain, ranging 25 gram to 60 gram.

6. The egg shield should be good. Check the egg shield of chicken first. Be sure there is no a crack at the egg shield. A disease or bacteria can enter through small crack and kill the chicken embryo.

7. Be sure that you hatch the right breed. For example, you want to hatch layer eggs so you should be sure the egg come from layer egg breed.

8. Be sure the eggs fertile. Ask the farmer whether the egg or fertile or not.

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