Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Reason why we open backyard farm

In 1930, some people raise a chick in backyard as their food reserves. Today, we are on bad crisis when some firm fired the employee. We can raise some chicken if we like the meat.
There are some benefit raise chickens in your backyard. Here are some benefits:
1. Fresh meat. Undoubted chicken provide delicious meat. If you can care some chick, you will get some fresh meat later.
2. Delicious eggs. We can get fresh egg daily. You can fry it or sell to your neighbors.
3. The cock can wake you every day. It has beautiful sound.
4. Manure. Use the feces of the chicken as nature fertilizer. It will not harm your plant.
5. Plumage. You can use the plumage chicken as fish bait.
6. If you have leftovers of your breakfast, you can give to the chicken.
7. Save some buck. Since we have chicken, we do not have to buy chicken to supermarket.

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