Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The domesticated process increase the ancestor quality

For more than ten thousand year, people have risen the chicken. Today, we can find hundreds strain of chicken which have different characteristics. Some chicken has different character to their ancestors, Gallus gallus bankiva or red jungle fowl but some domesticated still has the ancestors character like its feather, performance, or size.

In my country, people care Sumatra native chicken. American breed association named it Sumatra Chicken. The performance is similar with red jungle fowl but the Sumatra is heavier than the ancestors. It cannot fly high as the ancestors. The native Sumatra can lay up to 16 eggs; on the other hand, the red jungle fowl lay only seven eggs.

Some domesticated is heavier than the ancestors. For example Rhode Island red that is 4.5 kg weight or  four to five times the ancestors weight. It is because they do not have to fly again. People also feed the chicken with high quality food.

The feather of domesticated bird is also more beautiful than the ancestor. There are various kind of feather shape i.e. frizzle, silky, featherless. and others. The color of feather is not only red partridge. The domesticated have many color variations such as, black, white, calico, green partridge, buff, black green, and others.

In people's hand, the chicken is more productive than the ancestors. A red jungle fowl can lay up to 50 eggs in a year in forest but a domesticated can lay up to 300 eggs in a year.

The increasing quality caused by selecting process for more than thousands year. People tend to care the best breed whose has beautiful feather, nice song, prolific, short body, weight, and other.

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