Monday, October 26, 2015

White Sumatra: a variant of Sumatra Chicken

My father has raised some white Sumatra that comes from dark hen and black white roosters. Perhaps rosters or the hen has derived some white plumage genetics to its chick. I love the white chicken and it is better than its parents.
Though the standard perfection does not recognize White Sumatra but there is some Sumatra chicken. If you walk to Sumatra, you can find it. The white is nit different to black or the blue. They have long tail and longer body. However my chicken’s tail is not long as the common Sumatra. The tails does not touch the land. The head is medium size with the small pea above its head. The face color is red blood and there is no plumage in the head. They have featherless yellow shanks. The chicken is not a fighter. They must be loss when they side a pit chicken.
The chicken is not tame because my father rise in free range. It is very difficult to catch the chicken. We can catch the chicken when they enter their coop. if we chase the chicken, they will run to the garden. The hen is a god sitter. The color of egg shell is cream. The hen can lays up to 12 eggs in a clutch. The hen hatch the eggs alone and raise the chick alone. 
The Sumatra may be not good as the chicken exhibition because the color is not good as the black or blue. It has just single spurs. My father chicken is not special like Sumatra chicken in United States. He raise it for the meat stock only. My father raises it in free range. He just feed the chicken with pollard and some rice. They find the feed n the ground. They must get the various chicken feed such as grass, weed, cricket, insect, worm and else.

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