Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to hatch Serama eggs: It is difficult to hatch Serama’s eggs

My friend said that he raise so many chickens. He has narrow flock at the roof. Actually his father mind with his small farms. He raise ornamental chicken only due it is more profitable than raising common chicken such as broiler, landrace chicken, or layer chicken. The price of ornamental chicken is ten time or more common chicken. That is why my friend love to raise the ornamental.
Rasing the Serama is not easy as I think. I thought i is very simple. This small chicken just need fewer food or space. The obstacles in Serama Breeding is the eggs. A Serama hen can lays maximum only five eggs a season. Some hen also cannot hatch the eggs. To overcome the problem, a hobbyist must hatch the eggs with small incubator machine.I just need 21 days until the egg hatch. Certainly you should raise the chicken until mature. You cannot return back the chicken to is parent because the parent did not hatch it.
You can also use other bantam to hatch the Serama. Some bantam can hatch its eggs such as dutch bantam, Japanese Bantam, and other. My friend use pigeon to hatch the Serama. I think we can use the pigeon but we should separate the Serama after hatch immediately.

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