Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How to make the chicken feed

For farmers who want to intensify his efforts, he should make his own feed. Chickens will not be enough to receive a simple form of feed grains and vegetables only. To provide the food we have to make your own because until now there has been no plant that can make the feed free-range chicken. Generally been the use of feed broiler breeders that are expensive. Broiler feed prices also surged sometimes is volatile.
For that we should draw on chicken feed there are some formula examples as below. To feed a small chicken needed a powder feed, for adults chicken can be given pellets.
Pellets are highly preferred by chickens and can save feeding. If a feed fine powder feed or chicken would be wasted and more frequent drinking, so the chicken just spends a little food.
Making the pellets is not difficult at all. The tools used are seeds grinding machine and meat grinder. Both these tools are not cheap but this tool can last a long time. The steps to make pellets are as follows:
1. Prepare the coffee bean grinder tool and meat grinder.
2. Collect the pellet material in the form of grain, meat meal, fish meal and bone meal, and others.
3. Milled coarse grains such as corn, soybeans, green beans, sorghum and other cloth.
4. Combine all ingredients into a container and stir until blended. Enter the water and form dough until like a paste.
5. Enter the dough into a meat grinder and turn the crank. Absorb these printouts that resemble noodles into the container can be a winnowing tray.
6. Drying of pellets in outside to dry. The purpose of drying is to reduce the water content in the pellets for pellet durability.
7. Once dry, put the pellets into a sack and can be used directly. Save pellets into a dry and tight.

Mixing food
Besides pellets, breeders can also provide a mixture of grain and flour as food adult chicken. The trick is not difficult that we need is a container for mixing the feed material. If we feed a mixed lot we need a big mixer. Make it a container of a barrel kegs. Create a shaft at the top and bottom, before closing the top of the hole. Create a buffer for the shaft and the upper side can be added to rotate the crank for vat.

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