Monday, December 20, 2010

Pelung Chicken : The Chicken whose has beautiful crow

This chicken is the tallest. Some Rooster tall can reach 75 cm. They have long shank and neck. The feather is thick unlike European or American Chicken breed. The beak is so strong. It has strong feet too. The feet are clean and it has no feather. The feet color is various, such as yellow, black, white and khaki. The Rooster has spurs. The performance is so horrible but this chicken is very calm.

The Pelung's skin is yellow in color. Some roosters has red coloration in the chest.

Most Pelung roosters are partridge in color. The other color variation is mottled, black-beetle, red-brown, and others. The hen color is partridge, red brown, or black-beetle in color.

As a Pets
Pelung is exhibition chicken. Some municipal in West Java, Indonesia often organize Pelung exhibition. The best chicken is the chicken whose has long and beautiful crow.
Before the exhibition, the owner feed human food to this chicken such as eggs, honey, eel, rice, and others. The owner thinks it can make the chicken strong.
Beside as pets, some farm raises this chicken for its meat. This chicken is very big. I have heard that the chicken weigh could reach 10 kilograms or 20 pounds. They cross the chicken with Bangkok Chicken, Indonesian Native Chicken, and Broiler.

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