Thursday, November 25, 2010

How to feed peacock

Peacock can live at your backyard as long you can provide comfort place and food. It is not difficult to feed the beautiful bird with long train. As a common fowl, the bird is omnivore so they can eat both meaty and vegetable.
In their habitat, this bird eats seed, grain, fruit, weed, grass, worm, lizards, snake, and more. In India, this bird eat very poisonous cobra snake. They can hit the cobra with their sharp beak. That is why Indian people do not want to catch or kill the bird. They let the bird at the backyard to control snake population.

Here are the steps to feed peacock.

1. Provide the federer and waterer inside the flock. You will need a wide federer or waterer like Turkey federer or waterer so the bird can eat from it.

2. Buy the game bird food for peacock at pet shop or online shop. You can also feed the peacock with other poultry food.

3. Give them some cracked corn and wheat. Perhaps they like those foods.

4. Fulfill the waterer with fresh water.

5. Give some green food such as vegetable and grass to this bird. In nature, they eat weed and grass.

6. This bird need calcium too so you can give them grit or mineral block.

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