Friday, September 10, 2010

Delaware Chicken : Plymouth Rock - New Hampshire Crossed

Delaware is a chicken breed from American. This chicken was named Indian river. The chicken was crossed of Barred Plymouth Rock Roosters and New Hampshire Hens to produce broiler chicken or utility chicken. In Mid 1950s, the breeder use white Cornish rock to produce a better Delaware.

Delaware Columbian

The roosters weigh 8.5 pound or 3.9 kilo and hens weigh 6.5 pound or 3 kilos. It is a mid size chicken. There is a Delaware bantam type but it is rare. 
Due to its size, this chicken is good for utility chicken. The production of the egg is quite high too.

The dominant color of the chicken is white. There are black barring color at the end of hackle, wing and tail. The skin is yellow and the carcass is good. It has medium size single comb with double wattles and red earlobes. The feet are clean or have no feather and yellow in color. 

The chicken is docile and tame. It is good for backyard pet. They can cut your grass in your backyard or free range area.

photo by :rjl20

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