Friday, August 6, 2010

How to select the right pen for your fowl

To raise fowl, you need a good pen. It is a place that protects the fowl from bad weather, bad predator or even bad people. Some people can build a pen because it is cheaper than buying at poultry store or order through online.

There is some condition for a good pen:

1. The construction should be strong so the predator cannot enter the pen easily. 
2. The pen should be safe for the fowl. Some pen can harm to the fowl. For example, there is some nail inside the pen. It can injure the fowl.
3. If the fowl need stand. It should soft so it will no harm the fowl toes.
4. The pen is wide enough. Do not put the fowl at small pen because it will torture the fowl.The fowl may hit the head to the pen. It can be a seriously injured.
5. The pen has feeder and waterer.
6. The pen is easy to clean. The good pen has a base below the cage. We can pull it and clean it.
7. The roof should be able to cover from heat and rain.Be Sure there is no hole in the roof.

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