Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How to cut nail bird

I had a hen that could not brood the chicken. In few weeks, her chicken must be died. I had seen the chicken suffered before died. The eye is infected. Finally, I know that the hen hurt the chicken. I tried cutting the nail but it was not enough. She still injured the chick. Finally we slaughter the chicken.
Nail is important for the bird. It helps bird to find diet in nature. In nature, a bird does not need to cut the nail because the nail cannot longer because they scratch to ground.
In the cage, a bird nail can increase. As I mention above, the long nail can hurt other chicken. It could hurt its chicken too. Therefore, you need to cut the nail. Here are some steps:
1. Catch the bird gently. Do not make the bird or chicken afraid. You can touch the head so the bird calm. You have better ask your friend to hold the bird.
2. Cut the nail with nail cut. Be careful. Do not cut the nail near the finger. It is harm to the bird.
3. After cutting, you can release the bird the cage.
4. Disinfectant the tools or nail scissors. 
You need to prepare cutting nail, antiseptic, and others. If the nail hurt you can give the chicken antiseptic

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