Friday, July 23, 2010

Aracauna : Chicken breed form Chile, South American

Aracauna is native South American Chicken or Chile. As guest its name, Aracauna Indian tribe is the first man who breed this chicken breed. The breed is descendant of two breed chicken i.e: Quetrro and Collonca. The origin of this bird is debatable. Did Colombus bring the chicken? or, The chicken is Polynesian native chicken.

This chicken is medium size. It is not fat like American breed chicken. This chicken is slim. It has pea comb, double wattled, and read earlobes. The unique characterized of the bird is ear-tuft and rump-less ( no feather tail). Aracauna is the blue egg shield layer or egg easter like indian runner egg. You should know that blue shield eggs is not more nutrious than brown eggs or white eggs. They have many color variation like black, white, cucko, red, silver, lavender, and else.

British has developed this bird too. American has been success to make a new breed from this chicken. It is called Ameraucana or American and Auracana.

Photo by: jackberry


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