Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ameraucana Profile

Ameraucana is a rarely chciken breed whose has blue egg. Most chicken lays brown or white eggs. The ancestor of Ameracauna is Easter Egger in Falkland Island and Argentine. They are believed that bring blue eggs from Araucana gens. The egg shield color is similar with Indian runner egg shield color.

This chicken is medium size. The cock weighs only 6.5 pounds; while, the hen weighs 5.5 pounds. The ameraucana is also available in Bantam type. The Bantam weighs 26 to 30 once. This bird is similar with Mediterrinean class. It is not fat as other American class chicken.

They have many color variation such as Black, Blue, Blue wheaten, Brown red, Buff, Silver, Wheten, and White.  The special characteristics of this chicken is feather bellow the beak. Both cock and hen has "beard". It has red blood pea comb. The head is oval in shape like egg. The head is small relative to its body.

Photo by : Linda N


  1. I had a rooster once, but I gave it away. I should have kept it and mated it with one of my other hens.

  2. intresting. but this breed is not good to me