Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bird Pest Control at Your Backyard Pen

When you feed your chicken in backyard, some bird such as  house sparrow or pigeon maybe attracted with the chicken feed. The other bird may disturb your chicken feed. I have ever got disturbance from neighbor pigeon. I hit the bird with small stick, which diameter is not different with a pen. One bird died and a bird dying. I paid for the died bird and I forgiven to my neighbor.
Do not hit any bird especially your neighbor bird. If Animal lover see you hit the bird, you will be sentence on jail. You can control the pest bird by bird trap.
Feed your chicken in the pen and do not let the remain of chicken food outside the pen.
You should clean the cage from chicken food residue.
Some wild bird can infect our pet; Therefore, you need to expel the bird.
Here are some bird traps. Perhaps you need it.

Sparrow Trap 2 Compartment
Easy Bird™ Auto Feed Trap


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