Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Ring Neck Pheasant as pets

It is a game bird that famous in Europe. In Asia, the pet lover raise it as the ornamental bird. The bird has some beautiful plumage.
In Europe, people especially rich people hunt the bird at the savanna or steppe. They also use beagle dog to detect the bird.
In my opinion, this bird is not beautiful as common chicken. However some people love it.  They pride to show the chicken to other people.
The plumage of the bird is just dark brown with black mottled and white mottled.
The head color is green and there is red circle around is ayes. The tail is long. The roosters can reach 90 cm, while the hen tail is just 50 cm.
The hen weighs 0,7-1,5 kilogram while the roosters weigh is twice than the hen. It can reach two kilograms.
A hen can lays 16-22 eggs in year. The  amount is little, comparing to chicken. The hen lays olive shell eggs , ranging 25-38 grams.  

Photo by pixabay

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