Sunday, May 5, 2013

Red Turkey in my country

I though the Turkey’s color are black, white and silver only. My neighbors just had here turkeys. I was wrong. Finally I know that turkey has red color. The red turkey is a rarely breed in my country. That is why; the price of the red turkey is more expensive than other turkey.
The red is no different to other turkey. The size is also similar than other turkey except its plumage. The red has red brown color plumage. The color appears because of the mutation. Sometimes we can produce the red turkey from the black or silver turkey. I do not know the breed of the turkey in my country because our country has not standardized the red turkey breed.
 The color of red turkey is almost similar to red bourbon. The red plumage covers almost of the skin. He difference the red turkey in my country is the size. I think the red turkey in my country is not big as the bourbon.

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