Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sultan Chicken : Chicken wear Turban

Sultan Chicken is a chicken breed from Turkey. This chicken has been cared by Turkey Sultan. The chicken lived at Sultan's palace. This chicken is unique because it has round crested which similar to Turkey Sultan turban. This chicken is included exhibition chicken or show chicken.  This chicken has been recognized by American Poultry Association in 1874.
Weighing 2.7 kilo, this chicken is a mid size chicken. The hen weighs 2 kilos. There is also bantam type of this chicken. The chicken looks slim and high. In front of head, there is a small V-shape comb like horn. The crested also cover the chicken eye like Polish Chicken. Beside the unique crest the chicken has five toes like Silky Bantam. The feet have long feathers. This chicken has “feather shoes”. That is why you should keep the cage clean. The chicken also has unique plumage below the beak like beard.
 Sultan has three color variations: black, blue and white. The white is the most famous sultan color.
The chicken is docile and friendly. It is suitable for backyard pet too. You are better to keep this chicken with other tame chicken because an aggressive chicken may bully this peaceful chicken.
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