Sunday, September 19, 2010

How to stop Broody hen

Most hens will lay the egg when they stop to lay. They sit on the eggs up to 21 days or three week. After 21 days, the hen raises the chick until the chick independent.

Some people prefer to hatch the egg with hatch machine. They do not want the hen hatch the egg because it is not effective. The egg production will decrease and it is not good for business. If the flock owner want to produce more eggs, they should stop broody the chicken.

You can also stop the broody eggs like this.

1. Grab the eggs once the hen lay the eggs. The hen will not sit on the nest again.

2. Bath the hen after lay the eggs. It will decrease the heat of hen so the hen does not want to go broody again.

3. This is an ultimate way. Give a quarter Paracetamol to the hen. It will decrease the heat of the chicken.  I do not think it is good.

Photo By : Rhian vK

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