Thursday, September 2, 2010

Australorp : Dual Purpose chicken from Australia

Australorp is a chicken breed from Australia. Australorp is the abbreviation for “Australian Laying Orpington”. The breeder has aim to produce a native Australia laying egg chicken but they breed the heavy chicken too. As guest its name, this bird is descendant of Orpington Chicken. The breeder was imported the Orpington from British. 
Black Austrolorp with New Hampshire Red

Australorp is a dual purpose chicken breed that can produce meat and egg well. The chicken is heavy which weighs 7-8 pounds. The hen can lay up to 250 eggs in a year. The egg is light-brown in color. A record notes that a Australorp hen can lays 364 eggs in a year. The chicken is able to lays in winter. They are well-adaptable with subtropics climate.

The hen is likely to go broody or sit on the eggs. It is good to hatch the eggs due to its thick feather. This bird is also good for backyard chicken or pets because it is docile. The chicken is also calm and friendly.

The chicken is black green sheen like their ancestors, Orpington. The beak and the feet is black to grey. It has single comb moderately medium size with five points, two witted and red earlobes.
Some flock owner also cross this chicken with other chicken breed such as, leghorn, Langshan, Plymouth rock, Minorca and others. That is why the Australorp have different performance. Some chicken are generated male parents and some other are generated female parents. For example, Some Australorp is slim which is generated from the white leghorn hen. They cross The chicken to produce utility chicken or laying chicken

Photo by : Rachel Tayse

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